The development situation of enterprises in the economic development zone is gratifying

2018-05-17 09:26:52 5

In the first quarter, the output value of 50 industrial enterprises with regulations increased by 21.07% year-on-year, and the value added of industrial enterprises with regulations increased by 17.38% year-on-year.

"Now the order has been scheduled to July, and it takes 24 hours a day to catch up." In the past few days, the Zhejiang Longmao Economic Development Zone enterprise Zhejiang Baimao Board Co., Ltd. has a busy scene in the sky.

The person in charge of Baimao Board introduced that the company mainly produces high-grade film-covered bamboo plywood and container flooring, and is now hurrying to produce new orders. In the first quarter, the company's output value reached 21.204 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 95.10%.

On May 16th, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang Longquan Economic Development Zone that the development situation of enterprises in the development zone in the first quarter of this year was gratifying. 50 industrial enterprises with a regulatory standard realized an output value of 719 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.07%. Up 17.38%.

In the factory of Longquan Yuande Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., which was newly put into operation in January this year, workers are busy nervously and orderly. The company aims at the market gap of sealed celadon tea cans. The products are both artistic and practical, and they are very popular when they are introduced to the market. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, there are hundreds of sealed celadon tea cans they produce, and orders are continuously increasing. It is expected that the output value will exceed 20 million yuan this year.

Since the beginning of this year, the development zone has firmly established the concept of "projects are king". In attracting projects, dry words take the lead, solid words come first, and the charge is ahead. On February 26, the development zone organized 28 projects including the southwestern Zhejiang bulk logistics distribution market (Long Porcelain International Trade City), Yiqi Wood Industry, and Donglong Industry and Trade Phase II to start (re) industry with a total investment of nearly 2.6 billion yuan. The project covers 9 industries including auto parts, bamboo and wood processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, celadon industry, and health medicine. On the same day, the development zone also organized five new projects to be signed collectively, with a total investment of 279 million yuan. In the first quarter, the development zone completed a total of 7 contracted projects, with a total investment of more than 700 million yuan.

In order to accurately serve enterprises, the development zone has established a system of cadres and employees to contact enterprises to visit the strong service system. The "Business Notes" is used as a carrier to timely reflect and resolve difficulties and problems encountered in the development of enterprises; encourage enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, Enterprises intending to carry out technological transformation have interpreted the technological transformation and storage policy. As of April, a total of 14 technological transformation and storage enterprises have been completed, with a planned total investment of 323 million yuan. In order to improve the benefits of land use, enhance the economic benefits of the enterprise, and realize the social benefits of the park, the development zone has also concentrated its efforts to overcome difficulties and orderly promote the disposal of low-yield, inefficient, idle land. In the first quarter, two judicial auctions of low-yield and inefficient land were completed, involving 80 acres of land. Longquan Chaoling Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. successfully introduced an annual output of 100,000 sets of automotive air-conditioning system assemblies and 200,000 sets of air-conditioning pipeline production lines.

In the first quarter, all important indicators of the development zone increased, leading industries have obvious advantages, and the output value of leading industries accounted for 79.12%. Among them, the hardware and auto parts industry has developed rapidly. The output value of 30 regulated enterprises has reached 330 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.96%. The bamboo and wood products industry has grown rapidly, and the output value of 8 regulated enterprises has reached 113 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 49.23%. The agricultural and sideline food industry The momentum was strong. The output value of the four regulated enterprises in the first quarter was 60 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.26%.