Bamboo sheet is widely used

2019-11-23 09:10:56 9

Bamboo plywood is a building material that uses moso bamboo as the main structure and filling material and is formed into a blank after high pressure! Due to the high hardness, flexural and compression resistance of bamboo plywood, steel templates have been replaced in many areas of use! And because bamboo is a tree that is easy to cultivate and grow fast, it can be cut in three to five years and can replace wood. Therefore, the policy of the Ministry of Forestry supports the vigorous development of bamboo-based wood-based panels, which have been replaced in many places. Use of wood-based panels! Film-coated bamboo plywood board, phenolic resin-impregnated wood pulp paper veneer, smooth and bright surface, all bamboo core pressed, high temperature resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, can be reused about 20 times. It is used to build high-rise buildings, bridges, Ideal formwork for compartment floor.